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There are multiple ways to see a clinician as a patient of Ridgeway View Family Practice. This page has been created to inform our patients of all the medical services available to them and how to get access to them.

Please be aware that you may not get the appointment you think you need. Our care coordinators have regular care navigation training and a competent understanding of primary care and will direct you to the best clinician that will treat your issue and also manage demand.

Same-Day Urgent Appointments

These appointments are only available to book over the telephone unless otherwise advised/granted by members of staff. To book an urgent same-day appointment call the patient services hub on 01793 812221.

These appointments are recommended for patients who are suffering from persistent medical issues that have not gotten better with adequate self-care – such as visiting a pharmacy for over-the-counter medications, you may be offered a face-to-face appointment or a phone call appointment if you are housebound or the practice has no more capacity for face-to-face appointments.

  • Same-day face-to-face appointments are also recommended if you need to bring something urgent and alarming to a doctor’s attention such as a lump on a breast or blood whilst coughing.
  • Face-to-face appointments and phone calls may not be with a GP, we offer same-day appointments with GPs, Advanced Nurse practitioners, Paramedics & Nurse Practitioners, Mental Health Nurses, Physiotherapists and Clinical Pharmacists.

If you are having urgent issues such as chest pain, stroke, heart attack, or severe injuries do not come to the surgery and do not call the surgery. You must call 999 and go to A+E and be treated in a better-equipped environment. Neither of our practice locations has the medical equipment to properly treat these conditions. Additionally, we cannot guarantee we can get an ambulance to you faster. If you are worried about ambulance wait times please consider a lift from a friend or neighbour or phone for a taxi.

Routine & Pre-bookable Appointments

Routine appointments are only available to book over the telephone by calling the patient services hub on 01793 812221. You may be asked by the practice to book a routine appointment with a clinician to discuss medical test results if there is further action needed or advice must be given by a healthcare professional.

You may request to book a routine appointment if needing to discuss something non-urgent with your GP such as medical advice or to check in with how you are managing your care. We will try to offer a same-day appointment to you with a GP within 2 weeks. Routine appointments with other clinicians may be more readily available.

We also have pre-bookable appointments that allow patients to book into slots within the next few days for issues that need medical attention but can be staved off with self-care for a few more days.

Saturday GP Clinics at Taw Hill & Carfax Medical Centre

We are now able to offer clinics on Saturdays between 9 am to 1 pm for routine face-to-face appointments that you can now book.

When in contact with our patient care coordinators and you do not find an appointment type that is reasonable – you can ask our staff to see if there are any clinics at Taw Hill & Carfax Medical Centre that you could be booked into.

There is a range of face to face only clinics running, which are to increase over the next few weeks.

We have the following clinics available for booking

  • Routine GP appointments
  • Routine ANP appointments
  • Wound care appointments
  • Ear Syringing
  • B12/BP
  • Diabetic foot checks
  • Baby Imms/ Depo
  • ECG/ Basic dressing appointments
  • Smears
  • Mental Health appointments
  • Asthma/CD/Sec Prev

Extended Access and Enhanced Clinics

As part of the Brunel Health Group, Ridgeway View Family Practice patients can access appointments that our outside of regular operating hours and on the weekends. Patients have access to Livi which supplies remote GPs to have telephone and video consultations – this service is free to Ridgeway View Family Practice patients and can be accessed through the Livi App.

Another benefit of being a part of the Brunel Health Group is that our patients get access to Saturday face-to-face appointments at Taw Hill. These may be offered to you while calling the Patient Services Hub on 01793 812221 or you can ask for availability whilst calling a care coordinator. This service offers a similar variety of clinicians that are available at the practice.

To learn more about extended clinics click HERE

Self Booking via the NHS App

We often text our patients to invite them to book themselves into appointments such as blood tests, smear clinics and long-term care reviews.  When signed up for the NHS App you can directly book an appointment by following the link in the text. This is done to save patients time and avoid having to call the practice.

Learn more about the NHS App.

We are planning on increasing the number of appointments that are available to book online. However, to manage demand and ensure that patients who need appointments get them we are currently managing all GP appointments through our care coordinators.

Date published: 21st March, 2023
Date last updated: 8th February, 2024