Wroughton Health Centre

Station House Surgery

Extended and Enhanced Clinics

Saturday GP Clinics at Taw Hill

We are now able to offer clinics on Saturdays between 9 am to 1 pm for routine face-to-face appointments that you can now book.

When in contact with our patient care coordinators and you do not find an appointment type that is reasonable – you can ask our staff to see if there are any clinics at Taw Hill that you could be booked into.

There is a range of face to face only clinics running, which are to increase over the next few weeks.

We have the following clinics available for booking

  • Routine GP appointments
  • Routine ANP appointments
  • Wound care appointments
  • Ear Syringing
  • B12/BP
  • Diabetic foot checks
  • Baby Imms/ Depo
  • ECG/ Basic dressing appointments
  • Smears
  • Mental Health appointments
  • Asthma/CD/Sec Prev

With a partnership with Livi, Ridgeway View Family Practice will be able to provide more comprehensive coverage and care to patients using online video consultations.

Livi has been rated as “Outstanding” by the Care Quality Commission so you can be assured that the safeguarding and patient confidentiality standards will be of the highest quality. By supplementing our primary care workforce, Livi will help us reduce administrative burdens and delays.


Livi is a video GP service that allows patients to get a same-day video appointment, including out-of-hours on weekdays and over the weekend. However, Livi cannot prescribe medications that are regarded as controlled drugs, to learn about what drugs are controlled click HERE (link will open in new tab)


Livi GPs are all licensed to practice in the UK and are as capable as our in-practice GPs.

With the app, patients can book an appointment in advance or join a drop-in queue to see a GP – usually with waiting times of less than 30 minutes.

This takes pressure for same-day appointments off your practice, reducing the workload and future waiting times.

  • Services Offered
    • Appointment Booking – including same day
    • Prescription management
    • Urgent Care Alternatives
    • Video Consultations – improving upon the telephone consultations we currently offer.

To access the service, simply download Livi from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android), and sign up. You can get medical advice, prescriptions and referrals by video, with appointments available on the same day, even on Saturdays!

Visit Livi’s website for more details on how to get the service working for yourself. Access the website by clicking HERE or visiting “livi.co.uk/nhs-appointments/”

Click on your respective device’s logo to be taken to the app store where you can download Livi onto your mobile device.


Sleepstation is a service available to Ridgeway View Family Practice patients. It puts patients onto clinically validated sleep improvement programmes that can help improve are suffering from a poor circadian rhythm or even severe insomnia. They deliver care remotely allowing you to contact them at your convenience through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT/CBTi – insomnia).

Sleepstation can effectively resolve all forms of insomnia. By completing a short questionnaire, those with symptoms of insomnia can find out if Sleepstation could help them overcome their sleep problems for good.

There is strong empirical evidence that CBTi is effective and CBTi has been recognised as the first-line treatment for chronic insomnia (National Institutes of Health consensus, British Medical Association). However, the lack of trained therapists and sleep experts prevents the widespread availability of this treatment in face-face settings. Sleepstation’s online CBTi programme is an alternative to referring to a sleep clinic for CBTi and/or follow-on prescriptions for sleeping pills and other medications to aid sleep.

To request free access through the NHS please follow this HERE


Date published: 11th October, 2022
Date last updated: 11th April, 2023