Wroughton Health Centre

Station House Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an appointment?

Patients can either request to book an appointment by calling  01793 812221 or when invited by a texted URL or phone call from the practice for required routine treatment or follow-up appointments.

Have my test results come back?

Tests usually come back within a week unless it is a very specialised case, the practice will notify you if further action is required and you will have an appointment booked with a GP to discuss the results.

Most of the time, further action is not required and would explain the lack of correspondence from the practice.

When will my prescription be ready?

Prescriptions issued by the practice are usually available in 3 working days. Unfortunately, our ticketing software does not account for weekends or bank holidays so any notifications may display an incorrect date. For this reason, it is best to assume 3 working days from the date of issue.

If you require urgent meds, the practice can usually fulfil these requests within 24 hours if you have run out of medication or require extra to be ready for a long period of time away from the practice – such as a holiday.

Do not call the practice to request medication, we must get written requests either through the script boxes at the front of both surgeries or through email at [email protected].

Why can’t I see a doctor?

Our care coordinators at our patient services hub will try to give you the most appropriate appointment with a clinician as the practice has a constantly high demand and runs mostly at capacity.

Some illnesses such as sinus issues, stomach pain and UTIs can be dealt with by our nurses and minor illness clinicians – they are as clinically competent in minor illness cases as our GPs.

These clinical slots exist to ensure that GP skills are best utilised for urgent matters such as cancer screening, chronic illnesses and discussing blood results for long-term care plans.

In other cases, some clinicians are more capable of dealing with patient ailments. If you have a musculoskeletal issue you would be booked in with our physiotherapist, in the same vein, mental health issues will be referred to our mental health nurse.

By keeping these specialised staff on site we can ensure that patients get the most appropriate medical treatment for their issues but as they are fewer in number, there may be a long wait to see them.

Patients also have access to our social prescriber who can provide valuable resources to people struggling with financial hardship, loneliness and accessing food.

When is my appointment?

We ask our patients to make a note of their appointment times and keep it in a safe and accessible place such as the notes app on their smartphone, or on a regularly used calendar/diary. However, if you have forgotten your appointment time, we will happily remind you over the phone.

The practice can also send patients a confirmation and reminder text of their appointment time and location, please ask the receptionist booking your appointment to send a text confirmation once it is booked – we are working on automating this process so patients are reminded 24 hours before their appointment.

Who is my named GP?

The practice has a duty to tell all patients their named GP and you should have been informed of this upon registering. You can email [email protected] to query this.

How do I get access to online services?

You can request access to online services to be able to use the NHS App or Livi by emailing reception at [email protected].

We are working on changing this process so patients can get immediate access to online services.


Date published: 24th January, 2023
Date last updated: 8th February, 2024