Wroughton Health Centre

Station House Surgery

Practice Organisation Chart and Staff Responsibilites

This pages highlights the roles and responsibilities of our dedicated staff members.

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Roles and Responsibilities of Respective Staff Members

  • Doctors
    • GP Partners
      • In addition to the role of being a general practitioner, GP Partners use their professional skills and knowledge to ensure high standards of primary and continuing medical care are available to the patients at the practice.
      • They oversee clinical administration, audit and management – complete reports for solicitors, insurance companies and other third parties – participate in the GP revalidation and appraisal scheme – GP registrar training – supervise healthcare professionals who are working in the practice, in addition to undertaking any additional duties requested by the practice managers within their professional and general competence.
    • Salaried GPs
      • The practice employs several full-time GPs on a salaried basis to meet patient demand for appointments. They fulfil all the duties required by the GMS contract including patient consultation, duty doctor cover, home visits, referrals and clinical audits where appropriate.
    • GP Trainees
      • The practice currently utilises the resource of 4 GP registrars who are employed by a deanery, the practice hopes to use our current GP registrars for future-proofing and filling in gaps when current full-time GPs retire.


  • Management Team
    • Practice Manager
      • Sam Oliver the practice manager works with the GP Partners to develop the practice business plan and shape strategic objectives in order to improve the overall care delivered to patients. She is also tasked with understanding and helping all staff to implement the best healthcare standards and policies as primary care medicine progresses, in addition to overseeing HR, finance and practice operations. Sam also sits on the Brunel Health Group executive board and supports the Brunel PCNs in delivering key projects across Swindon, such as the STEAM vaccination centre, extended access clinics, LIVI, the Early Years Health Advise service and research projects
    • Finance Manager
      • Joanne Cutler oversees the practice finances, such as payroll, book keeping and contractual claims and assists and deputises for the Practice Manager

  • Clinical Team
    • PCN Paramedic Practitioners
      • Paramedic Practitioners are roles created by the Brunel Health Primary Care group in Swindon to provide cost-effective home visiting services to patients with a wide range of minor illnesses and urgent same-day requests.
    • Advanced Nurse Practitioners 
      • We have two ANPs at Ridgeway View Family Practice, Emma Lievers and Louise van der Watt. They are highly medically trained and share a lot of knowledge with GPs.
    • Nursing Team Leader
      • Sarah Hyner our Lead Nurse leads and develops the practice nurse team ensuring that the nursing team can work effectively and provide a high-quality service to patients.
      • She is also responsible for; implementing new nursing policies – recruiting and selecting staff that meet the needs of the practice – supervising and assessing nursing staff performance – being responsible for medical equipment and liaising with GPs and managers regarding the nursing capabilities of the practice.
    • Mental Health Nurse
      • Brighty Zinyemba is our registered mental health nurse who specialises in diagnosing and prescribing for patients with mental health concerns.
    • Practice Nurses
      • The practice employs multiple nurses who fulfil clinical duties that do not require a doctor but are capable to address patient needs.
    • Healthcare Assistants
      • Health Care Assistants are used to bolster the practice’s clinical resources and help perform minor clinical duties and can check up on patients with long-term conditions such as diabetes
    • Phlebotomist
      • The practice hires specialist phlebotomists to help meet the demand for blood tests ensuring that we can serve as many patients as possible.
    • Physiotherapist
      • Joseph Cooke is employed as a physiotherapist for 4 days a week at Wroughton Health Centre and is a dedicated resource for patients requiring guidance and diagnosis with physical mobility ailments.
    • Clinical Pharmacists
      • Clinical Pharmacists are highly trained in medicines and biomedicine and help patients manage their care by reviewing their medicines and prescribing for complex issues.

  • Dispensary
    • Amy Lowe our dispensary manager oversees the Chiseldon dispensary to ensure that it is competently staffed, running efficiently and to its best potential. Our dispensary team are trained with a  Level 2 NVQ in Pharmaceutical Sciences/Services or equivalent and tasked with receiving and verifying prescriptions before giving them to patients.

  • Patient Services
    • Patient Care Co-ordinators
      • Care coordinators are mainly tasked with answering patient calls and booking them into appropriate slots with competent notes for our clinicians to refer to.
    • Clinical Admin
      • Clinical Admins are responsible for coding patient records so clinicians have accessible records available to them to assist with diagnoses and prescribing the most correct treatment. Medical Secretaries also handle doctor referrals to consultants, MRIs, X-Rays etc.

Date published: 13th September, 2022
Date last updated: 22nd May, 2024