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Carer Information

Are you a carer?

Being a carer can mean many things, from simply supporting and keeping a check on someone, to a full time caring role.

Are you helping to look after a member of your family, a partner, close friend or neighbour, who due to age, physical or mental illness, addiction or disability can not manage on their own?

Many people don’t get the support they need because they don’t recognise themselves as carers.

If you are a carer, please let us know so we can update our records and keep you informed of any future events.

You may also want to contact the Swindon Carer’s Centre who can provide information and advice on:

  • Support with caring
  • Benefits
  • Taking a break
  • Looking after your health

If you would like advice on these – or any other aspects of your caring role – please contact Swindon Carer’s Centre on 01793 401095

Carers Cuppa

Carers Cuppa is a drop in session for all patients who are carers, these are held every first Thursday of the month between 10am and 12pm.