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Dental problems

Dental Problems


Local Medical Committee guidance states that dental problems are best assessed by dental practitioners who are fully trained.  The guidance also states:


  • When a patient is registered with a dentist and needs emergency dental care the dental practice should provide that care within a 24hours


  • Patients should generally not seek emergency treatment from a GP or the Accident and Emergency Department.


  • If the patient is not registered with a dentist, then NHS 111 should be able to provide a list of dental practices that can offer such a service.


  • Where emergency treatment is required, it is not appropriate for a patient to be seen by a GP for antibiotic treatment of, for example, a suspected dental abscess. A dentist should see the patient in order to make the diagnosis and provide a prescription for any necessary medication.


  • The Local Dental Committee advises that antibiotics are not the correct primary treatment for an abscess, although they may be for other dental infections.  A mishandled abscess can be complicated by a rapid spread of infection (Ludwig’s Angina) which can be fatal.


  • Doctors are trained in medicine and, with very few exceptions, have no dental training and should not therefore be providing dental treatment.


  • We are unable to prescribe any form of ‘sedative’ such as diazepam / lorazepam for any dental procedure.


It is for these reasons that we advise you to contact 111 for emergency dental advice and appropriate treatment, and why a GP cannot see you for your dental problem.

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