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COVID Vaccinations – Group 6

We are now well into our Group 6 cohort and if you are in this group, you should expect to hear from us to book an appointment in the next 5-10 days.

We’re getting a lot of queries about eligibility for Group 6.   All NHS healthcare professionals will refer to what is called “The Green Book”, which is constantly updated for advice and information about vaccinations.   Chapter 14, page 10 of The Green Book contains information about eligibility and this is the guidance that will be adhered to.  Please click here to refer to ‘The Green Book’ on the Gov.uk website

Group 6 also includes carers.   We are happy to make vaccination appointments for our carers, however, as clearly articulated in The Green Book, a carer is eligible if they are in receipt of a carers allowance or they are the sole carer for an elderly or disabled person.   We will be requesting detailed information on carer status, in line with NHS guidance, as sadly, there are people falsely claiming to be carers in order to attempt to receive vaccination priority.